Ashcren, Before the Worldshard

Ashcren Starting Information 1

Ashcren Starting Information 1

The Kingdom of Ashcren is your home.

For the past six years it has been in a state of war with its three neighboring kingdoms. The North, East, and South are all disputed war-lands.

With the fall of King Wrendil Carreden in battle only a month ago, the kingdom is in chaos. Only a week ago the Oath-keepers (the kingdom’s law enforcers) managed to quell internal rioting and pillaging. Thieves are rampant still along with looting, but several men have been called upon to serve the kingdom and take up the rights as Oath-keepers.

Amon Carreden, the son of King Wrendil, at the age of 19 has stepped up to claim power after his father’s death on the battlefield. Not much is known of the young king accept that he is not a warlord like his father.

In an act to calm the populous signs have been post all over the major towns and villages posting the intent of the new king. Many are virtuous sayings and messages of peace. They call for educated people to come to the capitol and offer their services to the crown.

Signs litter the city which read:

“Virtues lead to completeness, the absence of virtue leads to emptiness.” – Amon Carreden

“The 7 lordly virtues are: Valor, Honor, Compassion, Justice, Honesty, Sacrifice, and Humility.” – Amon Carreden

“Only through virtue will we find salvation and in turn grant others salvation through our deeds and direction.” – Amon Carreden

“The will of man cannot be suppressed by tyranny and strife.” – Amon Carreden

“Only through the use of all our talents will be grow as a nation. The time for war is neigh.” – Amon Carreden

An opposing faction within the kingdom is growing and trying to make a bid for the crown. They see Amon’s half-brother, Lewdrake Von Carreden as the true heir of the kingdom because he was born first although it was to the king’s concubine. Amon is the legitimate heir because his mother was queen. Sadly, he does not have her support because she was lost to them three years prior.

Several criers shout out the intentions of Lewdrake and his backers with sayings like these:

“Virtues are for people who live outside of reality. They are good guides to aspire to, but seldom are they every achievable.” – Lewdrake Von Carreden

“What is more important, saving a few or the many? The answer is clear. The needs of the many always outweigh the needs of the few.” – Lewdrake Von Carreden

“We cannot abide by the shackles of obscure concepts like virtue, for if we do, we lose the ability to make timely decisions. Actions come from need, and need comes from the many.” – Lewdrake Von Carreden



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